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Our Physicians

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Hospitalists are physicians who specialize in providing comprehensive medical care to patients while they are in the hospital. Our hospitalists are based at Winter Park Memorial Hospital, a Florida Hospital with state-of-the-art treatment facilities that is located directly across Mizell Avenue from Centre for Family Medicine. They admit and care for our patients and patients of referring physicians who are receiving in-hospital care, including those who require a hospital stay of less than 24 hours. While they don’t take appointments at our practice, you can be assured that our highly qualified team of physicians who specialize in hospital medicine will be ready to help you whenever you require care at Winter Park Memorial Hospital. Read more about our hospitalists by clicking on each of the physician names below.

Dan Moldoveanu, MD

Dr. Moldoveanu is a board-certified internal medicine physician who specializes in hospital medicine. He has more than a decade of experience providing the highest quality, in-hospital medical services. Dr. Moldoveanu admits and treats patients of Centre for Family Medicine and those of referring physicians at Winter Park Memorial Hospital, located just across Mizell Avenue from our practice.